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March 21, 2016 Minutes

March 21, 2016 Minutes

Hiller Highlands I Association Board Meeting Minutes

Highlands Country Club


These minutes can also be viewed at our web site: https://hillerhighlandsone.net/meeting-minutes/2016-meeting-minutes/





Steve Willoughby, President

Chuck Scurich, Treasurer

Marlow Schindler

Kathleen Gilligan


Meeting called to order at: 7:05pm


Minutes from February 2016: Approved


Agenda Items:

  1. Homeowner’s Forum All
  • No homeowners in attendance for the forum
  1. Treasurer’s Report-approved
  • Landscaping
  • The trees across from number 11 been thinned as much as Cleary Brothers thinks is wise. After discussions with the homeowner, further actions will be taken to restore the view, which may include partial or full removal of the trees and replanting of more appropriate vegetation.
  • Cleary Brothers submitted a bid to remove the Autumn Flame trees at #11 Spyglass and between #5-7 Spyglass. A motion was made to approve this bid and was passed.
  • Water damage was at the base of units 45 & 47 by a clogged drain in the V-Ditch, which is owned by HHIII (Binnacle). Cleary Brothers cleared the drain and installed a swale to prevent further gushing. Steve will communicate to the board of HHIII advising them of the situation and that preventative action must be taken on their parts to keep the drains clear.
  1. Sewer lateral update
  • The previously selected vendor has been unable to perform, and a new vendor has been chosen. Advanced Trenchless has submitted a bid and been approved as the vendor for the sewer laterals. They will begin work shortly, and will furnish a schedule for the work. The board will advise the homeowners of the schedule.
  1. Reserve Analysis update
  • A new vendor for Reserve Analysis has been chosen based on their ability to perform the analysis using the methods and software that we have been using. The new company is Reserve Funding, and they will do our reserve analysis every year as required by law, and will conduct an on-site reserve study once every three years, which is also required by law. Based on questions from homeowners at the annual meeting, Chuck has arranged for a conference call if needed where a representative of the company will describe the analysis methods. If you have a specific question regarding the reserve analysis, please drop a note into Mailbox 36 with the particulars. The board will compile the questions we receive in order to brief the company rep and determine how best to answer them.
  1. Parking security option
  • A parking placard system was discussed and the board determined that it is not appropriate at this time. No motions or vote were made.

Next Board Meeting: Monday, April 18, 2016

Meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM