Hiller Highlands I – Welcome to Spyglass Hill

March 31, 2015 Minutes

March 31, 2015 Minutes

Hiller Highlands I Association Board Meeting Minutes

Highlands Country Club




Steve Willoughby, President

Chuck Scurich, Treasurer

Kathleen Gilligan, Secretary

Hosein Bavafa, Vice President

Rosalind Ono, Homeowner


Meeting called to order at 7:02 PM


Minutes from February 2015: Approved.

HOA forum:

Vehicles parked directly opposite across from driveways cause a hazard because there is not enough room for drivers to back out of their garages or carports. Parking of vehicles is restricted to only those areas designated as Parking Areas, i.e., closed garages, open garages, carports wit h a roof, assigned parking spaces on a cement slab with no roof, assigned parking spaces on the street on asphalt or black top, or designated guest parking spaces. Vehicles are not allowed to park anywhere else on the common area, including driveways in front of garages. Also a reminder that residents should only use their assigned parking spaces and not park in the guest parking spaces. The guest parking spaces are for guests only, or to be used by residents very infrequently. All residences should have a copy of the “Spyglass Hill Assigned Parking” map. If you need another copy, please contact Chuck Scurich and he will send a copy.


Treasurer report: Expenses below budget. Approved. See below.


Agenda Items:

  1. Sewer Laterals:

The project continues, with one bid received and two others to be solicited by Steve. Steve spoke with EBMUD to confirm requirements. In his discussions, it was discovered that the HOA BOD must furnish EBMUD a letter of responsibility for the sewer laterals with parcel numbers and addresses. Chuck and Steve will coordinate to furnish the required information.


  1. Street repairs/resurfacing: The Board will get slurry estimate and resurfacing estimate in April; but will not act until the sewer laterals are resolved.


III. Mailbox replacement: Steve has sourced mailboxes that meet the criteria for replacement for $3670.20. A motion was passed to purchase the mailboxes and to seek a local contractor to bid on the installation. The mailboxes are shown here:https://www.mailboxworks.com/residential-mailboxes/multimount/mailboss-triple-post.html

IV. Drought and landscaping: Given the drought conditions, no new planting will be done on the street this year. Evan Delegeane has resigned from his volunteer role as landscape liaison. (Thank you, Evan, for 8 years of service!!) Steve will manage the relationship with Trimacs in the short term, which will include a review of their contract and responsibilities. Requests for work to be done by Trimacs should be emailed to Steve Willoughby or dropped in Mailbox #36.


The Board agreed to appoint a Landscape Committee made up of volunteers, to help improve the look of the street and to provide an ongoing liaison with Trimacs. The charter of the committee will be discussed at the next meeting, and then shared with the homeowners. Anyone interested in volunteering should contact one of the board members.


The Board agreed to an expenditure of $100 annually for a Hiller Highlands 1 website.


Next board meeting: May 6, 2015, 7PM, Highlands Country Club


Meeting adjourned 8:23 PM


Kathleen Gilligan, Secretary

1 Spyglass Hill