Hiller Highlands I – Welcome to Spyglass Hill

August, 8, 2016 Minutes

August, 8, 2016 Minutes

Hiller Highlands I Association Board Meeting Minutes

Highlands Country Club



Steve Willoughby, President

Chuck Scurich, Treasurer

Kathleen Gilligan

Erin Bailey


Meeting called to order at: 7:01


Minutes from May 2016: Approved


Agenda Items:

  1. Homeowner’s Forum:
    1. Faye Baron: Wooden walkway outside home is in disrepair. Landscaping behind her unit has been haphazard and needs to be looked at by Cleary Bros. Sewer laterals, not properly filled in back over pipes. Some trees and flowers were damaged during the work. Front area also looks damaged (Steve has photos)
    2. Chuck: future asphalt on street. Would like to build a concrete apron in front of garage to prohibit water from entering garage. Requested drawing prior to approval
    3. Video cameras for the street; Gary Firestone made a short presentation, and there was some discussion about whether or not this is an HOA board matter. Deferred to annual meeting for a presentation to the entire association.
  1. Treasurer’s Report: approved
    1. Current balances and expense report
    2. Late payments: none
  2. Sewer Lateral Recap
    1. Certificates are on file with the board good for 20 years. Can be obtained online from EBMUD.
  3. Street Resurfacing:
    1. Advanced Trenchless and Acme have not yet bid. American Asphalt has bid on laying down two layers (slurry coat 4-5 years) but no repairs. Need to look into asphalt repair under slurry coat. Steve expects to have estimates at next board meeting, will try to schedule for late fall.
  4. Landscaping: Need landscape plan for beginning of streets: Palmer needs to get us some plans for budgetary purchases
    1. Irrigation issues
    2. Landscape report
    3. Policy for trees on club property
    4. Plantings
  5. Security concerns: Continuation of the video camera discussion. Unclear whether this is a personal homeowner manner or whether the HOA should be involved. Deferred for further discussion at the annual homeowner’s meeting.


Next Board Meeting: October 18, 2016

Meeting Adjourned: 8:08

Note: Subsequent to this board meeting, Steve Willoughby resigned his position as President and Board Member. The remaining board appointed Kathleen Gilligan as interim President (until the end of year and new board elections) and Erin Bailey as Secretary. Chuck Scurich remains Treasurer, and Marlow Schindler member-at-large.