Hiller Highlands I – Welcome to Spyglass Hill

June 15, 2015 Minutes

Hiller Highlands I Association Board Meeting Minutes
Highlands Country Club

Steve Willoughby, President
Kathleen Gilligan, Secretary
Hosein Bavafa, Vice President
Chuck Scurich, Treasurer
Rosalind Ono, Homeowner
Suha Scurich, Homeowner
Tommy Angelo, Homeowner
David Roth, Homeowner

Meeting called to order at 7:01 PM

Minutes from May 2015: Approved.

Homeowner’s Forum:
• South end plantings: see agenda item II
• Volunteer needs: The association needs volunteers. We need a team to work on landscaping, and on other miscellaneous jobs, and we need volunteers to join the board next year. We have a small board, and several members have served many terms. We think it would be helpful to have a larger board, and some new members from our community. To those who are currently volunteering, or have in the past, huge thanks. The Landscape Committee Charter is attached. Come on down!!
• Sewer laterals: More info in agenda item I. Suha Scurich volunteered to contact other HH HOAs to get info on their experiences with sewer lateral replacement.

Treasurer’s report: Approved. Expenses are below budget. The report is included below.
• The reserve assessment is complete and compliant with best practices.
• One homeowner is in serious arrears on dues, and will be sent a letter indicating the start of legal proceedings to collect the overdue funds.
• The upcoming expense of the sewer lateral project, which is not funded by the reserves, may require a special assessment or a raise in dues. The board will continue to evaluate the situation as the estimates for the project are received.

Agenda Items:
I. Sewer Laterals and street resurfacing update:
We have received the first estimate for the required repair of the sewer laterals, for $184,000. Steve is seeking two additional bids from companies that have experience dealing with multi-unit dwellings. The board is exploring ways to do the sewer laterals with minimal impact and in coordination with the street resurfacing. We are required to have the sewer laterals in compliance by 2021. Estimates for the street resurfacing are approximately $100k, and the street resurfacing expense is accounted for in the reserves.

II. Landscaping at south end of street:
Discussed as part of the homeowner’s forum. Trimacs has been asked by Steve to submit three bids with different approaches for the end of the street. Suha suggested that the existing plants, while at end of life, are still a viable option for the area if they are kept trimmed, as they meet the criteria set out by the board for street landscaping. Grasses were discussed, and it was agreed that if there is a grass that meets the landscaping criteria, it can be considered. The board agreed to share the approaches with the affected homeowners, and hear their opinions before making a decision. At that point the board will vote on the plan and on the allocation of funds to do the plantings.

III: Hiring a manager for the street:
Discussed as part of the homeowner’s forum. The board discussed the amount of street business that takes place each month and the associated challenges. Steve proposed hiring a part-time, paid manager who would be able take on projects like landscaping, water, sewer laterals, vendor management, other miscellaneous day to day operations and report to the board. The consensus was that the association would prefer to do this work with homeowner volunteers, but few have made themselves available. The issue was tabled for discussion at the next meeting pending the result of a call for volunteers. The board will provide a list of projects to be done and ask people to take one of them on. In lieu of volunteers, the board will consider outsourcing some of the projects and funding them through association dues.

IV. Drought and water use:
The board agreed to evaluate the water bills and usage and consider billing each unit separately for water usage. More information will be provided once the evaluation is complete.

V: Other issues:
Board Communication: The board has determined that it is most productive to handle homeowner issues in person at the board meetings, where we can meet face to face and discuss concerns openly. Effective immediately, no HOA business will be conducted by email or phone. Issues can be brought to the board’s attention either by dropping a note into box 36 on Spyglass Hill, or by attending the homeowner’s forum at the beginning of each board meeting. Issues will be addressed only at the meetings, with the affected homeowner present.

As always emergencies will be addressed via phone or email, but if the issue is not urgent, it will not be handled by email.

Next board meeting: July 27, 2015, 7PM, Highlands Country Club

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM

Kathleen Gilligan, Secretary
1 Spyglass Hill