Hiller Highlands I – Welcome to Spyglass Hill

October 6, 2015 Minutes

Hiller Highlands I Association Board Meeting Minutes

Highlands Country Club


These minutes can also be viewed at our web site: https://hillerhighlandsone.net/meeting-minutes/2015-hoa-board-meeting-minutes



Steve Willoughby, President

Kathleen Gilligan, Secretary

Hosein Bavafa, Vice President

Chuck Scurich, Treasurer

Nahid Rezai, Homeowner


Meeting called to order at 7:02


Minutes from July 2015: Approved.


Homeowner’s Forum:


Nahid would like to re-assign location of the yardwaste/compost bin under her bedroom. (approved)

Designated green waste under #53 is for landscape only; residents should manage their own compost and green bins. Green bins will no longer will be under Nahid’s house. #42, but will now be located in the garage above, and labelled for appropriate use.


Agenda Items:


  1. Treasurer’s report: (Chuck)Approved
    1. Current balances and expense reports- on budget
    2. Late payments-None
    3. Bid for HOA Insurance from Farmer’s Insurance approved (2016) (summary will be included in annual meeting package)
  2. Dues and Capital Projects (All)
    1. Funds will be required for 2016 capital projects
      1. Sewer laterals (approximately $150K)
      2. Street resurfacing (approximately $130K)
    2. Landscaping deemed a lower priority than sewer laterals and street resurfacing, so relegated to 2017 budget.
    3. Determine whether dues need to be raised, by how much, and when. This issue was discussed, and there is a consensus that dues will need to be raised in 2016. Chuck and Steve will work together on the 2016 budget and the amount of increase will be determined at the next board meeting.
  • Drought/Water use:
    1. Results of water use evaluation did not yield any potential for savings
    2. The board made a decision not to put forward a motion for billing the individual homeowners for water usage as the work involved to do so would be labor-intensive, with little to no apparent benefit.
  1. Sewer Lateral Update:
    1. Timeline for completion – 2016
    2. Vendor: A motion was made to go to the next step with Nova Engineering; Steve will obtain a statement of work and contract for review at next board meeting before proceeding. Chuck gave a verbal report on how other Hiller Highlands associations have handled this (thank you to Suha Scurich, who did the research). Two associations, HHII and HHIV, are structured similarly to HHI in that the associations, not the homeowners, are responsible for the sewer laterals. HHII has scheduled their project for 2020 and will use Ortiz, one of the vendors that submitted a proposal to HH1. HHIV has completed theirs, through a company called Plumbing Ministry.
    3. The street will be resurfaced in late 2016 following sewer lateral work; bids will be solicited in 2016.
  2. Landscaping:
    1. Request for tree trimming
      1. Residents on Binnacle, owners of units 38 and 40 would like pruning and removal of trees that block their view and have volunteered to bear the entire cost to do so. There are two issues to be considered: a) some of the affected trees are live oaks and have restrictions on trimming and removal b) there may be some effect of the trimming to residents of Spyglass 59 and 61. Steve will respond with a request mark the trees and question and take photos so that the impact can be reviewed. He will also issue a provisional approval assuming that the appropriate permits are obtained and that city tree restrictions/ordinances are followed.
      2. Owners of #1 Spyglass would like liquid ambers adjacent to their home trimmed or removed. The homeowners will be asked to obtain bids for the board to review.
    2. Decision on landscape vendor. A motion was made and approved to engage Clearly Brothers as our landscape vendor effective December 1. Kathleen will inform Clearly Brothers, and Steve will give notice to Trimacs that their engagement will end on November 30.
    3. Timeline for south end of street planting and removals. Trimacs will be asked to do this-have bid on it already. Only the rosemary will be removed; three landscaping companies advised against removing the other plants without replanting because of the certainty of erosion without groundcover in the winter.
    4. Funding of a master landscaping plan for street. This issue was tabled to due to budget allocations to the sewer lateral and street resurfacing projects. Will be reconsidered in 2016.
  3. 2016 Planning:
    1. Discuss updating bylaws. Davis Sterling act covers issues of email, and it was deemed not necessary to update the bylaws now.
    2. 2016 board service and nomination
      1. We need additional members to join the HOA Board.
        1. Steve retiring, but would be willing to volunteer
        2. Chuck will stay on as treasurer, but would like to have an understudy/backup who can take over in the following year. Kathleen will stay on in some capacity TBD.
        3. Hosein will serve if necessary, but would prefer not to.
      2. Annual Homeowner’s Meeting: Packets will be distributed via email in December. If you want a physical packet, contact Kathleen at [email protected]



Next board meeting: Highlands Country Club, November 2, 2015

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 PM



Kathleen Gilligan, Secretary

1 Spyglass Hill