Hiller Highlands I – Welcome to Spyglass Hill

February 10, 2015 Minutes

February 10, 2015 Minutes

Hiller Highlands I Board Meeting Minutes

Highlands Country Club



Steve Willoughby, President

Chuck Scurich, Treasurer

Kathleen Gilligan, Secretary

Hosein Bavafa, Vice President

Meeting called to order at 7:03 PM

Minutes from December 2014: Approved.

HOA forum: No issues brought forward or homeowners in attendance.

Treasurer report: Expenses below budget. Approved.

Agenda Items:

  1. Sewer Laterals:

Independent sewer lateral report completed in 2014. Additional information needed from EBMUD to confirm compliance requirements.

Action item taken by board to contact EBMUD to confirm requirements and obtain a list of approved contractors.

2. Street repairs:

On hold until a determination is made on the next steps for sewer lateral repair.

3. Mailbox replacement.

Action item taken by board to do additional research into type of mailbox and potential vendors.

Next board meeting: March 31, 2015

Meeting adjourned 7:50 PM

Kathleen Gilligan, Secretary

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