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Landscape Committee Charter

Hiller Highlands I Association
Hiller Highlands I Landscape Committee Charter

Purpose: Create a committee comprised of 3-5 homeowners to assist in the design and maintenance of Spyglass Hill landscape.
• A long-term plan for landscaping that can be executed by the landscape vendor, with oversight from the Landscape Committee.
• Regular maintenance consistent with the long-term plan, to ensure that the appropriate level of planting and landscape maintenance takes place annually.
Planting Principles:
• Drought-tolerant
• Fire resistant
• Deer resistant
• Relatively easy to maintain
• Suitable for our climate
• Appropriate in shape and size to preserve views
Committee Responsibilities:
• Develop a long-term landscape beautification and maintenance plan and recommended budget, with outside design support if necessary.
• Create an annual plan for tree trimming and maintenance along the street.
• Monitor landscape for maintenance issues, such as trees to be trimmed, fire hazards, water usage and irrigation issues.
• Supervise landscape maintenance company, and provide guidance as necessary.
• Communicate issues requiring budget approval to the Board.
• Act as the liaison between homeowners and the Board.
• Review progress with Board quarterly.
Board of Directors Responsibilities:
• Review and approve landscape plan and allocate budget.
• Meet quarterly with the Landscape Committee.
• Approve necessary expenditures.