Hiller Highlands I – Welcome to Spyglass Hill

September 29, 2022 Meeting Minutes

September 29, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Hiller Highlands Association Board Meeting Minutes Remote meeting: 9/29/2021

Board members present:

Gary Firestone, President Steven Cobbledick, Treasurer Chuck Scurich, Secretary

Spyglass Hill residents joining the meeting remotely:

Ann Mulligan, unit #48 Neville Colaco, unit #51 Rosalind Ono, unit #59

Meeting called to order: 7:03 PM
Welcome and Opening Remarks: Gary welcomed everyone to the board meeting. Agenda Review: No adjustments to the proposed agenda.

HOA board meeting minutes: July 27, 2022 board meeting approved

Homeowners’ Forum:

No homeowners spoke at the homeowner’s forum, and the board was not asked to make any decisions and did not take any actions.

Treasurer’s Report (Steve Cobbledick): Approved Operating Account (Union Bank): $12,941.94 Reserve Account (Union Bank): $278,190.41 Reserve Account (Certificate of Deposit): 0.00 Total: $291,132.35

All dues are up to date.

Insurance Update:

There will be a significant increase in coverage costs when we renew our insurance policies for the upcoming year. We have not yet received a quote for the earthquake insurance coverage, and the cost of the remaining insurance coverages (including fire, liability, etc.) will increase from ~$38,500 to ~$54,800. At the next the next board meeting, we will discuss several options concerning our earthquake insurance coverage.

Landscape Update:

Trimacs fixed an irrigation leak in front of unit #7, and also replaced a cracked irrigation valve uphill from the South Entrance next to Hiller Drive.

On behalf of the North Entrance Beautification Committee, Hanna Levensen (unit #5) submitted an update to the board in an August 27, 2022 email. Hanna and Ann Mulligan met with Tim at the Club about the area that needs landscaping work in the north end of Spyglass Hill. Tim mentioned that the club owns the path that is parallel with the street (starting where our sidewalk ends), and that the club intends to intentionally abandon that path to disrepair. He also doubted that a good property survey exits because the club and HHI were built together at the same time. The club is willing to sell to our HOA the strip of land between the street and the path for $1.00. Hanna asked the board to decide on a budget for the North Entrance Beautification project. The board decided to provide up to $5,000 in funds for the project. The board also asked that the North Entrance Beautification Committee come up with a specific landscaping plan that will fit within the budget as well as to seek donations from other homeowners, in particular those owning units in close proximity to the north entrance.

Other Topics:

No other topics were discussed. Tentatively, the next board meeting will be scheduled sometime in early November, 2022.

The Spyglass Hill website address/link is https://hillerhighlandsone.net and spyglassresident is the login-in phrase. The Board encourages everyone to use the website and provide feedback about how it might be improved.

Meeting adjournment: 7:30 pm
Respectfully submitted by Gary Firestone, President